phoebe house: a residential project after 10 years

the phoebe house is perhaps our only small project after nearly ten years. it is a best example of how important it is to work woth like minded people, amd yet how we don't think alike and also that unlike minded people can in fact think alike. we have from the beginning come into realisation that perhaps our client and us as their architects are very different people, and that we have come from totally different cultural and intellectual backgrounds, but somehow we both seem to agree easily on many design fronts and we share very similar aspirations and art direction and general reference to the aesthetics we would like to embrace for this project. it is already quite unusual that we have come to agree on the choices and selection of colours, materials and design for nearly every element of the house. it is well worth noting here, how norman foster would himself have said this to me, that architecture is about people, it is first the client and then the building.