zlgdesign has moved to sentul

we are delighted finally to have completed the big (painfully long) move to sentul and we are at last enjoying glorious morning light every day each day bring joy to our hearts. we also embraced in the fact we have acquired a fantastic new courtyard within the premises which belong to the building. what more, the area and precinct of sentul if one can recall its not too ancient history with golf clubs and railway godowns and bankrupt developers, is and has always had a great cultural ambience. so that as architects we would want to instill public awareness for the genius loci of this hidden secret of kuala lumpur. we find the call of duty an catalytic agent for design not only of our offices but also as inspirwtion to bring people to the area via events and workshops and collaborations. with that we set up zlgevents more seriously and took trouble to invest in the event company.