an open bedroom concept with unique detached canopy detail

zlgdesign's maldives chalets take on a simple floating box built form, easily accessed through a very open and spacious sun deck. The full height glass windows offer spectacular unobstructed views across the oceans right off the bed. Generous and open, this design breaks the rules of traditionally rigid and overwhelmingly boring hotel bedroom or chalet architecture, and brings about a much more relaxed and informal way to stay out in the ocean, the proposed layouts give guests a completely refreshed look at resort and recreational lifestyle, unique to zlgdesign's philosophy of working outside the realm of acceptable typological norms. We don't suppose there can be so many ways to reconfigure and reinvent the shape of chalets to come, but for certain this unorthodox shape and layout will offer hotel guests, visitors and designers a sample of what is possible if we chose to break the mould.


  1. What software is this image generated from?

  2. 3d max

    but art direction is heavily relied upon

    huat LIM