ribbed elements of the ceiling and wall

Duyong Restaurant is a conceptual work, derived from reflecting on the anciently beautiful art of boat building. Completed in good time for the very first Monsoon Cup Event on Malaysian Waters, the restaurant enjoyed popularity both for its design as well as the quality of its services. The accompanying detail of the ribbing effect of the partition wall, the ceiling designs comprising laminated plywood timber cut-outs and the material all lend to a convincing resulting atmosphere that is akin a fishing boathouse. Based and developed completely as an abstraction of and reference to the boat building aesthetics of the far-east and the coastal fishing villages of Malaysia.©2007.huatlim

"..there is something to the craft with boat building that is so simple, so graceful, and yet the aesthetics... is really cutting edge...we thought to borrow from it to inform the interior architecture, seems more rooted once we recognise the link to the people of the area, and their artistic history" Huat LIM

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