Early study of building mass

The Kenanga Wholesale City Centre has been a recent project, an exploration by zlgdesign, principally using natural materials. It will be one single address for wholesalers meeting their requirements, some 300 of them now reside in the back streets of busy Kuala Lumpur. Project is deemed to pull together something like 1200 car parks to sit atop a 7-storey custom designed retail floors, accessible through at least 6 high speed lifts. On the rooftop sits a three-storey courtyard office enjoying a treelined f/b facility with ample space for businesses to engage in exhibitions and promotional events.

The approach roads to this building has had major reviews for a wider reserve, given the extraordinary capacity for the car parks located on the higher floors of this structure. The grand drop off promises to be beautifully landscaped and will have good access for public transport, but also serving to be a pleasant arrival point for pedestrian and visitors to this fashion center.

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    Work on site due to start in the enxt months of March 2008 through to end 2009.