the balcony overlooking the atrium wall

The pristine and 'museum' like quality of avenueK's atrium has been achieved using a palette derived from food colours. This luxurious upmarket boutique and niche shopping mall is located across the road from the more widely known KLCC Petronas Towers, now in its 3rd year of completion. The projecting balcony overlooks a deep atrium space, resting precarious under a black perforated metallic ceiling panels, each one uniquely cut to fit into a curve.

AvenueK has a total retail area of over 300,000 sqft, some of whihc has been realised in the lower basements for food and beverage outlets. These lower leves connect to the Light Rail and Underground Rail Stations of KLCC. The atrium lighting by Anne Militello of Vortexlite USA is dramatic, the lighs are housed within a slotted shadow gap, they project coloured images and white light onto the floor as and when desired. The floor below is finished in creamy white resin.

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