balcony detail: view over the tea estate valley

Sungei Palas' Tea Plantations has a new BOH Visitor Centre, located in the highlands of Pahang, looking far beyond into the hills of this 1,600 hectare land previously forested and later converted to what it is today through extensive land cultivation from 1927 by the late J.A. Russell and his family. Caroline Russell who is a Malaysian citizen now runs the tea business her grandfather started during the recession of the 1920's.

Boh's elegantly designed terrace gives visitors opportunities to look into this awesome tea estate. The specially designed bamboo ceiling and cement boards and the simple black stained wooden floor boards are altogether a sustainable design solution for a building which could easily be taken to be as old as the estate but looking new and fresh from its execution and details. It offers a large deck which is breathtaking space for enjoying tea.

Minimal detailing for the metal railings and exposed structural steel columns are finished in durable weather grade dark gray paints making this a very economic building indeed for the size it is. The 7m shallow depth of this naturally ventilated space makes this a very bright and cheerful place for a sustainable recreational design, with absolutely no need for any extensive use of artificial lighting and air-conditioning, safe for the audio visual rooms and some parts of the retail or sales area.

BOH Visitor Centre has already been accorded two prestigious awards recently; the Barbara Cappochin Foundation Award and also the Cityscape Real Estate Corporate Award presented in Italy and in Singapore respectively. Boh also won PAM award for best building last year under the Commercial Category.

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