physical model: study of sunken garden

Parcel 4 of Kenny Heights boasts a fundamentally different design approach to retail planning. Justifiably adopting an edgy art direction, this piece of work has incisions to the roof scape for maximum daylight penetration all the way down to the lower floor levels of the plan, whereas the built forms correspond to the carving out discipline of the other associated architecture around it. The total net saleable area has been put at around 3.5 million sqft.

Currently parcels 4 and 5 will be developed to meet with expectations of the REIT companies [currently WestCity PLC and Meryll Lynch] offering investments for a speculative office with designer elements, amongst others a concept for boutique design statements as grand landscaped arrival points surrounded by terraced courtyards. There will be a high quality integrated car parking system and security features to offer both residents and office workers top end service and management of their assets.

parcel 1 is currently on the drawing board, targetting no less than 2 million sqft of gross saleable areas comprising over 200 high end luxury residential apartments and selected boutiques and commercial or retail parcels.


  1. hi i was impress by those architecure designs by ur blog.. by the way is this kenny heights going to be built in malaysia?

  2. Anonymous11:19 AM

    parcel 4 is part of a larger master-plan development totaling over 6 million sqft of mixed used project, the first parcels are condominiums and apartments and offices located in parcels 1 and 3.


  3. Anonymous9:29 AM

    What about Parcel 9 ? Any idea what are to be built on this Parcel ?