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Some 24 different ideas for informal areas have been developed for the new Headquarters for Digi Telecommunications Centre in Shah Alam Malaysia. Amongst others are the blue corridors and the rotating meeting rooms. Ever since the completion of this vast interior project we have been asked to look at many more projects, to give what Clients describe as livable rooms and spaces for the workers. Mainly concentrating now on communications projects, including broadcasting studios [Astro and NTV7] and also the more recent inquiry from Maldives for their Telco Centre, we hope to bring further the development of interior designs, with the idea of making work places more like living rooms and introduce informal break out spaces for office space.


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  1. Anonymous8:30 PM

    digi interior design consultancy services has been extended to include also our post contract involvement..we hope to receive feedback from the end users..so far the proejct has seen many positive remarks...

    huat LIM