A grand view from the terrace, cantilevered over the tea estate

View of visitor centre cantilevering some 9m off the slope of this incredible tea estate of Cameron Highlands. Steel structures allowed minimum intervention on site. Wall design comprise composition of fallen tree logs framed inside metal posts and forming a ventilated panel patterns. An existing tree next to the building has been painfully but dearly retained. zlgdesign also managed to keep the air-conditioning loads on this building very low. Steel columns are painted black and they stand proud inside of the line of the facade. Building is completely natural ventilated.

Approach to site via dirt track to be left as is basis for visitor to experience the original track used by estate workers before road was built. Facilities include open terraces looking into valley and upgraded sales office. The natural beauty of the estate terrain and site features [including some gorgeous trees of incredible proportions] have been preserved in entirety. Apart from one house, all of the existing estate residences have been left exactly in the state they were before we started out to construct the new facility.

This Visitor Centre will have tea terraced cafe on one end overlooking the vast estate of the Russell family, and the rest of the 140m long building will take the visitor through historical exhibits and newly upgraded tea shop and also to a specialist design video room and finally to the old factory where tea making can be seen.

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