saigon pearl: retail podium

A perfect place for urban retreat, Saigon Pearl neighbourhood enhancement project has two towers, one at 32 stories and the other 40 stories, sharing a forest theme, the courtyard is located in the centre of its open space. pedestrians access the retail podium through a gateway, and then move up the floors through a series of link bridges. Events are held around the cortyard to add to the excitement of the forest themed public space.

Planned on a small footprint, the development will have 3 towers in total, of which 2 will be for serviced apartments sharing a sky lounge on level 6. An olympic sized pool will be placed on this level. Work on site was supposed to have started within six months of design, the entire project was to due for completion by late 2009. This development connects all edges of the site to a centrally located forest themed courtyard with skylights bringing daylight into the lower floors of the retail podium. These courtyards can be accessed from anyone of the fours sides, with ample water features to cool the ambient temperature of the 'forest'.

Above ground, link ways and landscaped connectors on levels 5 and 6 take the form of 16m wide walkways, all of them elevated and serving different parts of the proposed shopping mall. These linkages also serve to connect the three towers at high levels. [Posted October 2005]

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