phoebe residence

the house built for ms phoebe chan and mr. terence wong is now finally complete, and also nearly at the same time as lantern hotel, both small scale, medium to high budget projects, with very intense design development phases, strewn with timeline challenges and restraints on costs. the 1600 m2 residence is perched on a hill slope, overlooking a river, unkempt but clean by local standards, blocking some not so pretty architecture beyond. the material geneology remains the same, at the very least they are organic, natural and warm. a new composition is made out by placing coloured concrete close to steel work coated in micaceous oxide paint, the rest is timber and selected aggregate, some are insitu and some precast off site. the living room offers the most accurate interpretation, demonstrating the careful use of daylight throughout the scheme. wherever necessary ventilation is introduced but this is largely a naturally ventilated house. it is also one project completed after nearly three years in which zlg as an office didnt have anything built after point92. in theory this was a building that was intimately conceived with time as the essence, we had a great contractor who was sympathetic to the entire process. ultimately the client together with her partner gave us complete trust and was always encouraging, supportive and totally generous with their own time and money. the pool relocation which was earlier at the same level as the entrance was magic. it did all the things we hadnt thought about. colin okashimo who had also worked on the concept came up with some suggestions, incorporating within the house a externalised experience. the pool gave this project a very strong connection to the landform and the site elements. the double volume library is another part of the house that characterises the unique design. it does get a little too warm facing the afternoon sun, but visually from inside the house it gave a fantastic view out to the poolside, also bringing in a lot of daylight into the centre of the house.


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