Parcel one celebrates nature in all forms, vast open terraces, leisurely covered forested walkways and secret gardens, some more elevated some sunken and more intimate than others. Four majestic towers offer views into the centre stage of kenny heights a celebrated design comprising elegant drop-off points and the signature piazza, iconic in its landscaping concept simply because it is powerful enough to pull together upto 70 acres of high density developments. Parcel one is perhaps the only development with a terraced car park structure with more than 600 metres worth of brilliantly designed elevation, carved and undulated on all the three sides, the roofs bending and folding to let daylight into the lower decks where over 1200 cars are parked, needing very little wayfinding devices, but also able to frame views into other immediately adjoining parcels in particular the hospitality and retail segments. Such is the excitement of this development given its curvilinear plan and geometry.

White and crystalline glass and facade details emanate sophisticated ivory-like towers, the paired tower arrangement greets the arriving visitor and resident with symmetrical grandeur, the gentle sweeping of the ingress routes take a gradually rising road network around the extremities to arrive quickly at the lobbies, whereupon public realm begins to engage the open landscape. Centred on this lushly vegetated deck are pools of water, and twin daylighting eyelids, soft mounds and folds of greenery that shape the receding and blurred edge of the deck, altogether making this no less a forest in its own right. sculpted pieces and old banyan trees mark the otherwise spare landscape.

High spec lifts take residents up the towers, all rising to no less than 250 metres, a mix of medium sized apartments and super penthouses with private pools and resort ensuite master bedrooms, accessible directly from the ground floor. Upto 5 lifts serve each tower, total privacy is gauranteed to all of the units, some with more than one access. Many units enjoy living rooms with panaromic views of up to 12m of glazing, whereas others enjoy double height glazing of the most impressive proportions. the end units boasts all round views, every room has a view, every room a master suite in its own right. No two apartments are exactly alike, the unit mix guarantees that each investment bears unsurpassed individuality, design and character.