early 3d study of massing for KResidence and Tower B

We find it so extraordinary that after nearly 8 years working on this project, that people still wonder who actually put the buildings together, and that the question still arises who designed the podium and architecture of the towers. Its also unbelievable how far some people go to disguise facts. Indeed many firms including the Consultants themselves claim to be the designers. We are puzzled, and equally amused.

zlgdesign worked on the original Wong and Ouyang Scheme from 2001, and ever since the proejct never looked the same. One only has to review the locations of the lifts shafts, the styling of the facades and also the internal workings of the podium plan and the tower configuration and styling of the shape of the towers themselves. zlgdesign added two new entracen canopies and also removed and deleted the skylight for the podium and added two new floors above for the Spa and the recreational facilities for the two towers. At this time we worked with Christian Liaigre for the preliminary layouts, and Morita for the Showroom.

Massing studies from the beginning resolved to make both towers similar in fenestration but different in fenestration and final detail of glazing. We wanted KResidence to be generally white and creamy, whereas for the Hotel on Tower B the skin can probably take on a very transparent facade, but not with move-able or retractable screens, with possibility for colours and patterning. The podium on the other hand has a louvred wall with a powder coat finish.