view of the manager's suite

When we first started out, the office was looking tired and needing a strong concept. The walls were too cluttered with shelving units, too many tables were scattered about for meetings and storage space was scarce. With that we embarked on making everything disappear. All rooms were organised to be hidden away and walls and doors become one and the same thing. Everything became simpler, less busy and materials used was down to wood veneer and not much else, resulting in a very stark but pleasant space. Designer Interior finishes and features for bangolufsen offices include the fairfaced polyester coated cement walls and hardwood timber veneer doors and matching adjoining wall panels. Currently in its third year of occupancy, the entire renovation took less than 8 weeks. Furniture were custom built and designed exclusively by zlgdesign's Susanne Zeidler. Unusual front desk design and minimal decoration and no adornments make this interior a curiosity product. This interior has been widely published, making it one of zlgdesign's more distinguishable and distinctive architectural style. [first published 31st August 2005]

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