view of floating deck and underwater gallery

One of our most experimental work on the environment was the proposal to house scientific facilities under water to provide an area for researchers and public to mingle and celebrate underwater marine life forms and their observation and also conservation, and finally encouraging and providing a platform for the research and study of the malaysian aquatic and undersea marine life in general specifically endangered marine species. This project undoubtedly requires financial study and investment strategy is underway, we are also awaiting feedback for government support from East Malaysia. Each of these units come in between 30m to 60m radius and can have upto 3 levels of accommodation.

Aquacity is a project located in the coastal areas to the north of East Malaysia. The circular platforms float on water and are connected to each other with overhead link platoons. The unusual decks are naturally ventilated, they receive much daylight and views from the overhead sky opening.

On upper levels are lookout balconies and decks in a ring formation, offering excellent opportunities for observation of the ocean and islands surrounding the site. Tempered glass walls on the sides offer impressive views into the ocean life and marine animals and fishes. Designed to cater to scientists and visitors alike, aquacity is a water borne structure that is organic and can grow exponentially to become an integrated and sustainable self-sufficient oceanic village in its final form. [First published 15th October 2005]

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