Huat LIM worked for Lord Foster, Zaha Hadid and the late Ron Herron in the eighties in London and then later moved to Nimes and Lyons in France to work for Francois-Jourda Perraudin Architectes in France. Huat trained at the Architectural Association London under the tutorship of Sir Peter Cook, before moving on to work for Lord Foster in 1984, and is now registered member of the Architect Registration Council of the UK since 1987. Huat taught briefly at the Bartlett London, with Sir Peter Cook and David Dunster. Huat LIM has been employed to work on very large and complex buildings, a career spanning over 22 years, principally at Lord Foster’s London’s Stansted Airport, the Nimes Mediateque Museum, Hongkong and Shanghai Bank's HQ at Canary Wharf [originally designed for a speculative office during a design competition with Ken Shuttleworth], the Masterplan for King’s Cross Redevelopment, and later at Imagination Limited’s Jubilee Line Extension for London [with the late Ron Herron of Archigram fame]. During this period Huat worked with Imagination Limited's Gary White and the famous Roland Paoletti who hailed from Hongkong's Railway Authority.

Back in Asia after some 12 years abroad in London, Nimes and Lyons, Huat worked on GDP’s Asia Broadcasting Centre [very fast track USD 45 million broadcasting studio project built under 10 months] and their NTV7 Radio and Television Studios. Huat was also engaged to work with design teams to win Ken Yeang’s Singapore National Library Competition and LDY’s entry for the Xian International Airport Competition. Huat's main contribution to zlgdesign profile is with the avenueK and Kenanga Wholesale City project.

hails from Frankfurt and studied art history before her postgraduate term at the Staedle Schule under the tutorship of Professor Peter COOK, and later at the Bartlett School of Architecture, London. Susanne moved to Malaysia in 1992, and now lives in Kuala Lumpur and is Executive Director and Senior Partner at zlgdesign. Her most significant contribution to zlgdesign is the BOH Visitor Centre which has since won wide public recognition. Susanne is no less of an architect than she is a designer, having delivered most of the interior design projects for the firm, namely the I-Zen, Puncak Dana and the MK Land Interiors and Show Unit designs. Her training in London after a stint in Germany at the Frankfurtschule under the tutorship of Sir Peter Cook of Archigram fame, has given her an interesting edge through her very broad but yet distinctive cultural style to her work at zlgdesign.

Susanne was instrumental in the delivery of the BOH Visitor Centre. her many months on site helped put together a very unique and unusual solution to the external cladding of this long and narrow building, which has since won the Barbara Cappochin Award from Padova, Italy and the recently issued Cityscape Singapore Real Estate Corporate Building Award for its Sustainable and Responsible Construction.

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