night view: courtyard entrance

Jalan Tar is a small urban design project examined in the early nineties at the beginning zlgdesign's career. It comprised an insertion of a small boutique retail and f&b outlet along the very busy street of Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. Since this Project there has been many others following involving similar concerns, mainly infill schemes such as the one proposed for SPACE KL. The design is simply and largely an investigation on using the economical finishes as raw cement rendered flooring and bare finished wooden structures for shading devices.

A sidewalk has been created to allow planting of large trees offering even more shading, and also to soften the impact of glazing surrounding the f&b areas on the ground floor. Jalan TAR is a very special project for zlgdesign, it was one of their very first commission, but unfortunately the Project never got built due to forced sales of the property to a third party.

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