-shower for forest bathroom
comprise a water curtain design

This is perhaps one of the most important conceptual projects zlgdesign has ever attempted. A bathroom design to celebrate one of the central and principal elements of nature which is water and making this utilitarian room a 'temple of water'. Calvin's bathroom has become an immediate trademark for the firm since its publication by Trends Online Magazine, and its appearance in the UK media last year. In Korea it has attracted a number of inquiries for fabrication and distribution.

The Forest bathroom has a shower wall, emulating rain, and a visually stimulating and powerful graphic printed on a glass screen adorning images of the Forest. Contrasted to these are other very strong architectural elements: a dark slip resistant granite floor, full board polished hardwood floor and dark ceilings, and in the center of it all, a simple black granite pedestal carved on the top surface for a basin. The 'light-box' is the only artificial addition to the interior.

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  1. filletmignon11:25 PM

    could there be some falling water type of bath/shower/wash in this? mysteriously intriguing by the application of such material. illusion of the jungle. or eden. how wonderful it is if every supposedly highly educated money paying clients go for this.