Susanne ZEIDLER is seen here taking time off to
research and reflect on some of our work

Susanne Maria Angelika Zeidler left Frankfurt to study in London at the Bartlett. Her main contribution to the direction and philosophy at zlgdesign comes largely from a very continental and European background. This influence is easily read on her Spa and Hospitality designs for the Westin Hotel, the highly acclaimed and publicized Boh Visitor Centre in Malaysia and the I-Zen brand development for Ireka Residences. Susanne makes a major contribution also to the artistic direction of zlgdesign ever since its early inception after she left London to start the company with Huat LIM after their meeting at the Bartlett in London.

Susanne has now made an even larger contribution towards the development of Kenanga, a Wholesale Textile Center focussed on putting as many as 300 outlets into one building rising to 23 stories. The use of dark grey painted concrete blockwork and air bricks to the car park ramps and natural materials continue to work their way into this green building, the facade is spare yet it is intricate and honest to its assembly.