detail of wall facade made from timber logs

The Linkages between buildings in the BOH Visitor Centre are kept to a minimal design, mainly of wrought iron and steel rails painted in a dark grey and galvanised to prevent corrosion. The landscaped courtyards and under croft of structures are carefully planted give a natural setting to bridges and natural finished concrete ramps, these are later painted in a receding dark grey. In some places the concrete walls express their wooden formwork and bamboo laminates. The roof profiles were cut to avoid existing trees and other site features and frame the sky in a jigsaw fashion. Daylight penetration into the building have been kept to a maximum to reduce contrast between outside and inside lighting conditions. Ceilings are finished to a simple adornment of natural bamboo and white plaster, they define zones for various programmes within the Centre.

Today much of the wood log facade has taken a slight faded and worn look, which is nice, it gives depth to the design, and has sine attracted some visible 'vandalism', personal 'markings' and so called intervention, again, the design has matured and given the project its necessary quality and timelessness. ©2005.huatlim | | bohvisitorcentre

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