Bangalore: City of the Moment

A totally new experience for us was the visit organized by Teknion in conjunction with their recently launched opening of the new showroom a few minutes walk from Goldfinch Hotel. It was an incredible experience [a very mad pace at that, that which the average Bangalorean operates at] and architecturally speaking this has to be one of the most dynamic cities after Shanghai and Dubai. The cool temperate climate and their extremely friendly English speaking people make Bangalore the preferred city of the moment, at least in India. With so much energy and synergy everywhere [one feels the obvious buzz in now not so numerous shopping malls as the Forum], it is destined to grow into a very livable and much desired City. Still very green although not as quite as green as it was ten years ago, Bangalore today attract and breeds all the largest clusters of instant office space, better known to architects and developers as communities or campuses. They come complete with residential components, top tech training facilities, learning centres and entertainment sectors for any one conglomerate company.

Notes from 2005 diary. ©2005.huatlim
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